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an-ten-na black boots for sale and panda shirt for trade

Since I took advantage of Double Decker's 2 for 100 thing I realize I won't have room in my closet for three boots, so I'm selling this pair of black an-ten-na boots. It's size M, which is 23.5cm (Japan sizing) or size 7 1/2 (US sizing). The heel height is about 4inches high.

I've used these more than once so there are a few scuffs on the heel, but can be easily brushed off to clean. I'll be including the box for this as well if you're interested. :) I paid QUITE a lot of money for this since I used Celga's shopping service, so I'm expecting at least $45-50 for this (or your best offer), excluding shipping. I'll be shipping worldwide from the Philippines, and feel free to check the rates here. Since we don't have IPMO here and PayPal Philippine accounts can only send payments, the safest and most legitimate payment method available is Xoom. Note that senders have to pay an extra charge, but I already deducted that from the starting price, so no worries about extra charges. :D

I also have this panda T-shirt for TRADE only, since Xoom has a minimum limit of accepting payments (prices have to be at least $25) and I bought this shirt for $15 in Bangkok. Used and washed once, but the pocket looks wrinkly in the picture since I'm too scared to run an iron over it. XD It's really cute and the panda pocket on its chest is a unique detail. XD Pictures:

Measurements: The tag says it's size M. Length from collar 55cm, bust 33-34cm, sleeve length 12cm, depth of panda pocket 18cm. Since this is only for trade I'm open to trading for the following: CD singles/albums/posters/whatever of the same value of the following bands/artists in this order: Dir en grey, Gackt, 12012 and Mucc, and I'm also open to trading for other punk items like T-shirts, accessories, socks, arm warmers, what have you, as long as it's at least the same value. :)

Thanks for your time and please feel free to ask questions! ^_^

Cross-posted this to egl_comm_sales :)
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