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Please help me feed my new cat...

There are a few updates since last time including several English and Japanese manga, figures, Japanese Sega Saturn games, and more! As usual, all updates are marked on my journal, and remember: Pretty much all of my prices are negotiable and larger orders may qualify for discounted shipping.


Save $.50 per additional poster ordered from the Movie Poster section of my sales journal.

Price Cuts and Discounts!!
Dragon Con is over, but I adopted a cat, so I'm keeping my price cuts for the time being in hopes of filling the coffers for my little Alice. Prices are still negotiable too.

Manga, Anime, Pins, CDs, Keychains, Doujinshi, Figure, Games, Posters, Magazines, Comic Books and more from various series (including anime and Marvel comic series)

TRADES WELCOME! Especially for, but not limited to, things from *~ My Wishlist ~* & financial transactions. Please note that I am willing to purchase items as well as trade for select items from my active collections.

Follow the link to my actual sales journal; once there, the items are all behind cuts. Questions are welcome.

*~ Sales Journal ~*

Sailor Moon belt - $25 shipped
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Giving this away locally if no one wants it
add it to any order for absolutely free

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Batman and the Cheetah Caper – worn and has some sweet smelling residue on some of the pages, but is old and would be a shame to toss.
This book is free

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