jelenity (jelenity) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Pregnancy sale!! ^_^ Furoku, Cards, Shitjaiki !

I am selling off the last of the boards I have. All are singles. I might be able to get more in the future but at this time I don't think I am... Kids take up money and space even though we have our new home!

My shitajiki site is here --> 
Trading Cards here -->
Furoku & Zen-in -->

Zen-in items below *NOT* on sale and are offers only! MINT/ Never Used

To see full sale details please view the cut below!

All boards are mint unless otherwise noted and there may be some discrepencies as I did inventory either right before or right after my move to Florida and I have not updated since. >_< There won't be many though.


Shitajiki orders over $50 will be given 10% discount.
Furoku Orders over $50 will get $15% discount before shipping (no multiple zen-in on this sale)
Furoku Orders over $100 will get $20 - 25% discount before shipping (no multiple zen-in on this sale)

** Majority of all REGULAR/ SINGLE Trading Cards on my site are .25 each! Minimum order of $5 please. 
My card site has not been updated in a while so some series may be gone as they were a friends. Sets are priced already and non-negotiable! 

Please do not ask questions for more info, ect if you are not ready to pay and or if you aren't sure. I am looking for interested parties who are not playing around. I will not "hold" items unless order is confirmed and payment is pending. I preferr paypal payment within 3 business days. I can and will ship internationally and will be happy to combine shipping. 

NO DEAD BEATS, NO DIPS, & NO playing around. There is nothing worse then a pregnant woman whom you have managed to rile. It won't be pleasant. 
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