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DS: Mostly manga and art books

Just a few things I'd like to see in new homes. Prices with shipping are in the US for media mail anything without shipping just ask what it will be (probably about $2). I will ship internationally but, it will be very expensive. I happily combine all shipping costs and am willing to haggle on prices especially if you're buying multiples. I can provide pictures for any of these if need be as well.


Angel Cage Angel sanctuary art book original Japanese w/ dust jacket $23 shipped sample
Magic Knights Rayearth vol.2 hard cover artbook in English $13 shipped sample
Vampire Princess miyu artbook original Japanese soft cover with dustjacket $25 shipped sample
Sailor Moon R Movie Japanese anime art book softcover with dust jacket (well loved and a bit worn) $15 shippedcover
Clamp Northside English artbook wrinkles on the cover $13 shipped sample
Clamp no kiskei vol. 2 CCS clover still sealed includes chess pieces $17
Clamp no kiskei vol. 3 Tokyo Babylon still sealed includes chess pieces $18
Clamp no kiskei vol. 4 MKR & Angelic layer still sealed $18

Manga (In English):

Boys over flowers/hana yori dango 1-3 $15
Card captor sakura master of the clow v.1 $5
Chobits 1-3 $12
Card captor Sakura 1st print (smaller and written western style) 1-3 $8
Clamp campus detectives collectors edtion vol.1 with pull out poster $4
Dear S fanbook basically an official collection of doujinshi stories $5
El Hazard the magnificent world vol. 1-3 (complete I think) $10
Inuyahsa vol.7 $2
Inuyasha vol.9 $2
Sailor Moon stars v. 1 $25
Sailor moon single issue #4 $2.25
Sailor moon single #6 $15.00
Sailor moon single #15 $4.25
Sailor moon single#17 $2.25
Meet Sailor Mercury: ICE scout guide $7
Meet Sailor Venus: LOVE scout guide $7
Meet Sailor Mars: FIRE scout guide $8
X/1999 vol.8 1st print (western style) $5

Manga (non English)

3 sailor moon manga in Japanese 1,6 & 13 $7
Sailor moon manga in French a super S volume 14 (which corresponds to super S 3 in english) these are set up like the Japanese volumes and are much nicer than the English ones. $3


X/1999 tarot set A chinese version in a plastic hard case nice artwork $7
Sailor moon songs from the hit TV series English Dub CD $8
Ghibli Totoro orchestra stories 25th anniversary CD (basically the story of totoro told with instruments and much like peter and the wolf) with outer slipcase $9
Earthian Yaoi vols 1-4 subtitled official vhs lot in original slip cases (3 is not in it's slipcase) $4 shipped
Tokyo babylon vols 1-2 official vhs subtitled lot in original slip cases $4 shipped

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