Tashayarna (tashayarna) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Lolita Bunny Plushie

Hello Im selling off one of my "The Meep Project" plushies.

This is Mooshi, she is a cow spotted Lolita Bunny.

she is a 10 inch tall, She has moo cow print feet, ears and ear ribbons.
she also has light black moo cow print on her body and face.

she was only made so I had an example of the bunny plushie's that I make for the website. So once her photo was taken she had served her purpose.

I was looking to sell her for £15-£20 ($30-$40) these Bunnys are going to be selling for £30 ($60) on the site when they are released.

I cant Keep her as I dont have the room due to movign house.

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