ashlee (faunkegin) wrote in garagesalejapan,

DS: Lolita clothing items, Metamorphose, Fan + Friend

All prices are negotiable, and I accept paypal!
Ask if you would like a shot of any particular item being worn! :3

Front close up
Back close up
Fan + Friend Blue & White OP
asking $80
[was originally around $120 w/o shipping from F+F--no longer availible]

Old, but only worn about 3 times. In great condition.
lace may appear scratchy in photos, but is actually very soft, oddly.

The waist is around 25-27in and the chest is around 31-35, but not positive on the chest as my measurments in that department are very small.

The front apron part that ties in the back and goes around the front is detachable, as well as the sleeves. It may look small in the waist in the photos, but that's because the back apron ties are tied tightly around the dress part. : )

Metamorphose Blue OP

Without tags--worn about three times.
The measurments are free, as there is no waist.
I won't lie, it looks like a mu-mu, but it's nice with a belt. (As shown in second example.)

Please ask if you have any questions!
Thank you for looking!

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