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Loads of MANGA for sale, + DVDs and Video Games

I've got a few games for sale. Everything pictured is what you get. The only one not complete is Dark Cloud. All are in working condition :3

Every game is $13.00 shipped except for Atelier, it is $25.00

Each DVD is $10.00, except Lion King, it is $20.00. Invader Zim can be bought as a Complete Set for $20.00 + shipping, so you get 1 disc free.

*Gravitation 1-5, Fruits Basket 1-4

*Naruto 1-3, 10 (volume 10 has a small tear on the cover, so it is only $3.00), CCS is the first print of Volume 4, with some creases on the back cover, no loose pages ($4.00), Preist 1, 2 and Ark Angels vol 1 and Million Tears vol 1.

*Rorouni Kenshin 1-5 and Ranma 1/2 Volumes 1-16. All have only been read one time and stored on a shelf so they have very minimal wear.

Each manga volume is $4.00 + shipping, except Ranma, it is $5.00 a volume. (Unless stated, see subtitles on images above for notes). The more volumes you buy in a set, the more shipping I can save. These will most likely be shipped Media Mail, but if you want Priority, let us know.

Feedback here: angelchansales and over 110+ positive feedback here: Ebay: katvara

I take Paypal. Ask about Money Orders. =D Comment for the address.

I can ship internationally.

Please comment or email me at IshidaKitsu9999 AT AOL DOT COM

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