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Anime Cels for Sale

I am selling the following cels for the best offer.  The last offer I accept will have to be posted before tomorrow afternoon 5PM EST.  I only accept Paypal and shipping for each cel will be $5 within USA.  If you are outside USA it will be $10.  I will combine shipping if you would like more than one cel.

Signed by Watase Yuu at Anime Expo 2001 this is Keisuke, Miaka's brother from Fushigi Yuugi.  Comes with matching unstuck sketch.  Both the cel and sketch are labeled A9.

Marmalade Boy cel of You labeled A7.  It has a sketch of just his head and upper chest region labeled A7 as well.  There is a small tear in sketch at bottom where previous owner tried to detatch the cel from the sketch.  Also the cel is stuck to a piece of what looks like rice paper to try to prevent sticking to sketch.

Two person cel of Trieze Krushenada and Lady Une from Gundam Wing labeled B7 and has a matching unstuck sketch of same image also labeled B7.

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