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BLOWOUT MOVING SALE -- free or near free items

Japan-related stuff:
1. KAT-TUN cardboard insert -- from Wink-up 07/2005, 10x7 inches, Akame on the front, T-TUN on the back, excellent condition
2. Yamane Ayano Ikoku Romantan flyer - 10x7 inches, excellent condition, multiple copies available
3. set of 4 Chara Selection yaoi magazines - excellent condition, $1 suggested donation per volume
5. two Takarazuka flyers -- Apartment Cinema and Phantom of the Opera, excellent condition
6. Ai Otsuka 'Daisuki da yo' official CD single - listened to once, $1 suggested donation
7. Mirage of Blaze poster - 22x16 inches, good condition, $1 suggested donation
9. doujinshi bags/pencil board bags/comic bags - brand new, up to 150 bags available, in packs of 50
10. 9-card trading card sheets - excellent condition, up to 8 sheets available
11. Japanese the Spoken Language vol 1+2 + course packets - my 1st-year Japanese textbooks, great starting point for anyone wishing to learn Japanese - $5 suggested donation
12. Death Note manga vol 1 - Japanese language, excellent condition
15. lot of 8 Mirage of Blaze doujinshi stationery - mint condition, $1 suggested donation
16. Angel Sanctuary promo poster - 20x14 inches, excellent condition, $1 suggested donation
17. Mirage of Blaze BL/yaoi doujinshi - 'LOST WORLD', by HyperBlac, Naoe x Takuya, 72 pages, like new condition, $5 suggested donation
18. Togainu no Chi yaoi doujinshi - 'LIVING SIN', by Snow Illusion, Shiki x Akira, 30 pages, like new condition, $5 suggested donation
22. 2 yaoi flyers - G Senjou no Neko / Junjou Romantica, mint condition

English-Language Books/Novels:
The Sword / The Chalice / The Ring - trilogy by Deborah Chester
Queen of Camelot / Grail Prince - by Nancy McKenzie - hardcover
The Silver Wolf / Night of the Wolf / The Wolf King - trilogy by Alice Borchardt - hardcover
Out of This World - by J.D. Robb, Laurell K. Hamilton, Susan Krinard, Maggie Shayne
Density of Souls - by Christopher Pike
The Snow Garden - by Christopher Pike
Vivia - by Tanith Lee
The Silver Metal Lover - by Tanith Lee
Etched in Stone - by Dimitri Eann
Distant Thunder - by Wahei Tatematsu
The Secrets of Mariko - by Elisabeth Bumiller
Cervantes - by Don Quixote
The Aeneid - by Virgil
Reflections on the Revolution in France - by Edmund Burke
Inferno - by Dante
Five Dialogues - by Plato
Protagoras - by Plato
Madame Bovary - by Gustave Flaubert

I'm also selling off alice nine. Nao's drumstick.  Details in this post:

Shipping is extra and is from the US to worldwide; Paypal, US money order, or US cash accepted.  For reference, my Ebay ID  is rasp5erry (500+ feedback, 100percent +).  Comment or email

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