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Okay I've never done this before but I'll do my best to make this painless for all involved!

I'm trying to pull money together to buy myself a laptop so I've decided to sell some things that I'm sure would be more appreciated by others!



11 issues of the "Mon Amour" Moi Dix Mois Fanclub! Period starting November 2004 (Issue #26) spanning over to Jan/Feb (combined issue) 2006 (Issue #37).
This includes the last installments of "Juka's Jukai" before he left the band, has the first introductions to K when he joined the band, and includes the issues of the "Invite to Immorality" tour to Germany and France as well as Mana's "How to Enjoy the Invite to Immorality" dvd. Oh and the saga of Mana and the Sea Monkeys! So funny...

All issues are in pristine condition and come with the special Madousho binder (also pristine condition) and the "Member Certificate" which has been left BLANK so you can fill in your own name if you wish to!

SECOND-- Moi Dix Mois Pendant Necklace

I unfortunately do not have a picture of this (my camera battery died and it's recharging now) but if you'd like an image please say so and I will supply one as soon as I can!

Official Moi Dix Mois necklace/pendant that was sold by CDJapan several years ago. It was discontinued not long after I bought mine so is a really great collector's item now! The pendant is made of pewter coloured metal, not wood or plastic. It's made to look aged and features the Moi Dix Mois symbol imprinted into the metal on one side, with "Moi Dix Mois c Midi Nette" engraved on the opposite side. It's on the original long black cord that came with it but would look fantastic on a chain as well. I hung it on the wall and never wore it so it's in perfect shape.

THIRD-- "Matin" Mug

(again, no picture, happy to give you one if you want it a bit later)

This was also an item sold by CDJapan. It's a black coffee mug with "Matin" (cute drawn Mana) on it. I only used it for show, never to drink out of so it's in perfect shape as well.

FOURTH-- "Matin" Pocket Mirror

(same as above about pictures)

Also a CDJapan item, I've seen a few other people with them on here. It's a rectangular mirror with a plastic casing and front that flips up. The front cover has a picture of matin on it.
Again, I only used this for display and never carried it around myself so it's in perfect shape.

Prices and Shipping

I'm taking OFFERS on these things now by e-mail only (for privacy's sake).

Shipping for each item seperately will be 10 dollars CAD within Canada and the USA. Combined shipping will be less then 10/item, obviously.

Internationally I will calculate as it happens but I will ship worldwide.

Payment can be made by: Paypal, prefferably. Charges for use of CC over paypal will be taken care of by you, not me. E-check over paypal is perfectly acceptable as well.

You can send me international POSTAL (not bank) money orders if you live in Canada or the USA. Sorry, I cannot accept postal money orders from anywhere else.

If you really want an items but cannot meet the payment means stated above please still feel free to contact me to see if we can work something out. :)

Contact me! Send all offers and inquiries to eightbitbravo@gmail.com

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