garagesaleleann (garagesaleleann) wrote in garagesalejapan,

want to buy and sell!!!

I am desperately seeking battle royale 2, i own a sweet 2-disc copy of it but my movie disc has gone missing T_T will buy or trade for anything in my journal. I have Battle Royale 1 up for sale or trade!!!

  • custom pullip doll
  • Battle Royale R3 on dvd
  • Pretear vol. 1 dvd
  • Death note vol. 3 dvd
  • inuyasha plushies + figurines
  • kawaii notebooks, stationary + pencils
  • dolls, anime dolls + figurines
  • doremi doll + gashapon
  • ranma 1/2, lupin the 3rd, + many more posters/postcards!
  • sanrio and san-x items
  • video games
  • kawaii cherry print leggings
  • jewelry
  • plus tons more!!!

totally up for trades as well!!!

looking for:
  • Mizuno Junko stuff
  • Onmyouji 2 dvd
  • korean tv drama -  "as you wish...Ruler of your own world"
  • hello kitty black leggings
  • kera maniax vol. 8
  • mamegoma stuff
  • doll wigs, clothes
  • nightwalker dvds
  • godchild manga vol. 5
  • nana manga vol. 5+
  • cain saga manga vol.4 part 2
  • full metal panic figures or dvds vol.5+
  • full metal panic monsieur bome figures
  • Rozen maiden stuff (no manga)
  • kotoko with tofu chobits figurine
  • magic knight rayearth merchandise
  • suikoden figures, artbooks, ps1 games 1 or 2
  • DDR Extreme 2 (mine was stolen T_T)
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