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03 October 2007 @ 03:16 pm
Really need to clear out some stuff and make money for uni textbooks ^^;

- Hello Kitty! notepads
- Sailor Moon Trading Cards
- Nadesico OST CD
- NANA tattoo set (Reira/TRAPNEST edition)
- Manga
- D-Boys Wada Masato photo's (Sengoku tenimyu photoset)
- D-Boys Hirofumi Araki card
- Prince of Tennis trading cards/bromides

- 4 x Hello Kitty! notepads (2 of each design avaliable) - $7 each

- Live Action Sailor Moon Complete Regular Trading Card set - $11

- Nadesico OST (vocal tracks) - $8

- NANA tattoo set (Reira/TRAPNEST edition) cover // inside (tattoos) - $7

- D-Boys Wada Masato photo's (as Sengoku in tenimyu) - $5 each, or all three for $13

- D-Boys Hirofumi Araki card - $5

- Prince of Tennis trading cards/bromides - I have loads of regular cards, rares and bromides for sale, please ask for prices if interested: bromide rares // New season part 3 rares // New season 1, 2 and 3 near complete regular sets (will sell individual cards) // Trading card series 9 (vs Rikkai) rare best match cards // New season 1 box card number 2 // regular bromides.

- Manga : Gamerz Heaven volume 1 // Candidate for Goddess volume 1 - $7.50 each

Prices are negotiable, but please note that I'm in England and shipping costs had to be factored into the prices. (Priced in USD as most people prefer to use it.) Shipping is included in the prices. Paypal only, please.  ^^

Mizuseiichu on July 18th, 2010 05:45 am (UTC)

I wanted to ask whether you still have any prince of tennis trading cards/bromides, and if you do, could you possibly put up some new pictures? The links provided at the moment don't work.