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Final Fantasy VII & Prince of Tennis manga

Hello! ^_^ I'm new here, but I'll get right to it.

I'm selling the Final Fantasy 7 game I got with my 1st Press Advent Children DVD, the Advent Children DVD itself (Last Order not included) plus the Prince of Tennis manga volumes 1, 2, 4 - 14.

Prices are as follows:

Prince of Tennis manga

Volume 1 - 2 = $6
Volume 4 - 8 = $20
Volume 9 - 14 = $23

Note: I'm not selling them separately, you will need to buy them in these batches.

Advent Children DVD (Japanese, no English text/speach): $50

Final Fantasy VII (Japanese, never played, beautiful CD-jackets, NTSC):

All items are shipped from Sweden.
Shipping to worldwide:$5 for the manga batches, $3 for the movie and the game
I bear no responsibility for lost/stolen mail.

Payment method
I accept PayPal and concealed cash in USD, or Swedish Crowns (contact me about prices/shipping/payment methods within Sweden.) (at buyer's risk)

Contact method

E-mail/AIM/Paypal: / Angelic Tensai /

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