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Clearance and Item Lot Sales

So I am still trying to clear out items as I start to pack for another move. I have a few more items  on clearance and I am starting to do "item lots". basically making items cheaper and more appealing, while hopefully selling them quicker and making some $$. Please take a gander at what I have to offer and some time to glance over my journal that posts everything I have up for sale. "Item lots" will are only listed here.

All prices include shipping except to Alaska or Hawaii. All Items also come from a smoke free home

*-Dial up users caution with cuts. Many images*

Slayers Anime Trading cards in card sleeves-Mint Condition
Price: 15.00 for all 56 cards
*Thats about 25 cents per card*

Card Captor Sakura Graffiti Cards Mint Condition with Sleeve Holder
Price: $5.00 for all 10.00

Tokyo Mew Mew Collector Cards

Price: $2.75 for all three

ITEM LOT PRICE-All three series collection cards

Sakura Wars Lami Cards
Price 4.00 for both-

X   Anime Lami Cards
Price: $6.00 for all three

- all 5 cards for $6.00, basically getting 3 cards for FREE

Item comes in origional box and with instructions. This little hand held device  is a calender, calculator, covers world time, has a built in alarm clock, timer, and currency converter.

PRICE: $8.00

Price: $5.00

Purchase all of my remaining Manga for $20.00

That includes the price of shipping within the USA,
excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

-MANGA: all in Great Condition. Read once and then placed on my shelf.  Prices are cut in 1/2 from retail

$5.00each OR Buy it all for $20.00 Thats getting  2 for FREE      

The Devil Does Exits Vol.4                                           
 Hot Gimmick Vol10
Kiss Me Kill Me Vol.2                                                                                  
Sweat & Honey V1 (I believe its only a single volume series)
Sensual Phase Vol. 15
Over The Rainbow Vol.1

Shojo Beat Mangazines

4.00 each or 15.00  for them all
1st four from left to Right are still available as well as #'s 5-7 on the bottom
-2007: (6) January  (7) March                             
:  (1) June    (2) July  (4) Sept.  (5) Dec.                    
: (3) July

4 written media work items  (you can mix and match between the magazines and manga)
Price $15.00




Price- $7.00.

Back (sorry for the glare)...also the plastic sleeve I sliped it into for safe keeping has a previous sales sticker  on it. i have some goo be gone and can remove it without leaving a sticky residue on the plastic cover that the laminated board is slipped in.

Shitajiki+any manga, magazine, or lami card series
(X or Sakura Wars) for $15.00

Also dont be afraid or too bashful to come up with your own bargain offers. I am pretty much game for any offer. I am not really looking to trade seeing as I don't have a wish list and am trying to get rid of items, but I may consider any newer releases of shojo manga printed  through TokyoPop or Shojo beat. I am a sucker for Shojo Manga.
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