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05 October 2007 @ 03:19 pm
+Inu-Yasha wallscroll (ENDING IN A FEW HOURS! CHEAP!)
+Pierrot Final Despair Tour stickers
+Miyavi / Miyabi blank business cards
+Sony Playstation I
+Animerica and Animerica Extra lots
+Let’s Learn More Kanji!
+Pochacco planner
+Trading cards out the wazoo
+Gothic and Lolita Bibles
+Dir En Grey poster
--All orders from my journal come with a FREE gift
--All manga is $5 ($7 for Only the Ring Finger knows), $4.50 if you win the Animerica or Animerica lot from eBay
--Higuri Lot: Comes with Jewel (brand new), Seimaden vol 8, 2 surprises (Worth $11-$25, depending), and half-off shipping; all for $46 (OR you can opt for a $5 coupon off the doujinshi coming in) Please be patient with this one, as my shippers have currently misplaced it -_-
--Talk to me before any of my auctions end (those that have not been bid on) and I can lower the price for you if you mention this community
All prices negotiable
Don't forget to read my rules!