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Lots of stuff for sale.

Obligatory "Hey, I need money" sales post.

Included under the cut are (mainly tenipuri) doujinshi, character/op/ed CD's, bromides, manga, videos, and J-mini's.

Series included in post: Apocripha/0, Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, Whistle!, Saiyuki, Angel Sanctuary, FAKE, Prince of Tennis, X/1999, Naruto & Cardcaptor Sakura.

Doujinshi pairings: Fuji/Tezuka, Oishi/Kikumaru, Fuji/Kikumaru, Kikumaru/Echizen, Ootori/Shishido, Niou/Yagyuu, Yagyuu/Marui, Sanada/Yukimura, Minami/Sengoku, Sengoku/Atobe, Ibu/Kamio, Kakashi/Sasuke, Jade/Platina, Jade/Sapphirus, Heero/Duo, Trowa/Quatre, Asuran/Kira, Azrael/Shani, U-14's (Sanada/Wakana/Kaku).

+I will ship worldwide.
+I will accept Paypal (pp balance, bank transfer or credit card through paypal) and cash (at your own risk, if you are within the US) in USD.
+Prices include shipping to the US and naturally your total will be adjusted if you buy more than one item - I will combine shipping wherever possible. If you are outside the US, please let me know (give me your country/postal code) and I'll get you an adjusted price.
+As I am seriously low on cash, it may take me up to a week to ship your item(s) (need time for payments to transfer to my bank account, then get to the PO). You will be notified upon shipping. Due to my class schedule, I can only ship Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you are attending Yaoicon, we can arrange to meet up and save you on shipping. You will still need to pay for the item(s) beforehand.
+Ebay feedback.
+email kamioakira@gmail dot com or leave a comment if you would like to purchase something.

Bromides (Prince Box - Pure White)

*Please note that bromides to not come with the stand, there is only one included with this particular set of bromides.

All bromides are $6 (includes shipping/photo mailer/paypal fees).

Echizen Ryoma

Fuji Syusuke


*All cds are $10 each including shipping to the US.

*All cds are in excellent condition, some cases may be slightly scratched or cracked but the CDs themselves are in perfect condition and most still have their obis.

Ikou - Long Way
Masataka Fujishige - KEEP YOUR STYLE/Walk on
HIRO-X - Driving Myself
HIRO-X - future
KIMERU - You got game?
Toshihiko Matsunaga - Fly High
Kikumaru Eiji (Takahashi Hiroki) - One
Cap to Bin - Ometto Samba
Kaidou Kaoru (Kiyasu Kouhei) - Best of Seigaku Players VI - Chain Reaction
Oshitari Yuushi (Kiuchi Hidenobu) - Best of Rival Players X - Crafty
Ibu Shinji (Moriyama Eiji) - Best of Rival Players II - CAN SEE THE LIGHT


*All doujinshi are $11 unless stated otherwise (covers shipping/paypal fees).
*If you want to see inside scans, please let me know and I'll hook you up ^^ In most cases the cover art reflects the inside art.
*99% of these are boys love, so if you're unsure about something, just ask ♥


APO1) Crystal Moon by Saira Kazuki (Aurora Veil) Jade/Platina.

APO2) Snow Feather by Saira Kazuki (Aurora Veil) Jade/Platina.

APO3) Angel Dust by Muyako Muya (Yaminabe Junkie/Angelophany) Jade/Platina

APO4) Unknown title by Riku Yumi & Satoru Mizuki (Zakaliar & shi ro ku ro) Jade/Sapphirus


NARUTO01) Reticle za Mousou by Majime Takako (R2 System) Kakashi/Sasuke. (Contains a page with red-coloured blood)


SEED01) Cassini no Kuugeki by Miwa Azusa & Sakakibara Tomomi (Juuoku Bunritsu) Asuran/Kira

SEED02) Fujitsu by Ashika Nozomu (Gau wo Mokuba ni Butsuketai) Azrael/Shani (NC-17)


WING01) Whoops Not! by C&J 3/4, 1/2, random characters

WING02) D.D.D by N. Rinpei Trowa/Quatre


WHISTLE01) Holiday Hour by Honomura Atsumu/Tachibana Chima (SLIDERS) U-14's - Wakana Yuhto, Sanada Kazuma & Kaku Eishi/Yeoung-sa


POT01) Kawaii Hito Kakkoii Hito by Kaninnomiya Takumi & Suzukaze Hikaru (WORKS 2) Fuji/Kikumaru.

POT02) Kikumaru Eiji by Kaninnomiya Takumi & Suzukaze Hikaru (WORKS 2) Fuji/Kikumaru, Echizen/Kikumaru.

POT03) Signal by Kodaka Kazuma (K2 Company) Fuji/Tezuka

POT04) Crazy Cat by Kodaka Kazuma (K2 Company) Oishi/Kikumaru

POT05) Jet'aime Jet'aime by Kodaka Kazuma (K2 Company) Oishi/Kikumaru (NC-17)

POT06) Funktastic Niceday by Asai A. (Tokyo Night Cat/Tokyo Night Nyanko) Sengoku/Minami

POT07) Cat Food by Midorima Atene (Mo, Matsurigumi!) Kikumaru/Ryoma. (NC-17)

POT08) Hell That Is Our Life! by Hibino Kasuga (Kyoutoouji) Hyoutei main, hinted ToriShishi, mostly gag

POT09) Love is Ghost by Mio Tennohji (Hyper Reality) Niou/Yagyuu (NC-17)

POT10) Amai Wana (Sweet Trap) by Hikaru Takami (Breath) Niou/Yagyuu (implied sex and a very naked Niou, but nothing for me to rate it NC-17)

POT11) Munasawagi no After School by Aozora Aoi (art) /Takimiya Shinobu (novel) (B.S CO;/CROSS PARTS) Yagyuu/Marui, Sanada/Yukimura (NC-17) (half of this book is text-only novel)

POT12) Velveteen by Peach-Samurai Sengoku/Atobe (NC-17)

POT13) Ai no Tame ni by Katura Natume (Kaleido Scope) Niou/Yagyuu, Sanada/Yukimura (NC-17)

POT14) Magic in your eyes by Shironiwa [I think] Yagyuu/Niou (NC-17) (part of this book is text-only novel)

(Scan forthcoming, or go look at Dragonfly's tenipuri scanlation section)
POT15) Jellybeans by Matsumoto Ao (64/Mushi) Ibu/Kamio


*All prices include shipping.
*All manga are in English and in good condition unless otherwise stated.

Saiyuki vol. 1 ($6)
Angel Sanctuary Vol. 1 ($6)
Cardcaptor Sakura Vols 1&2 ($5 each or $8 for both)
X/1999 Vols 1&2 ($6 per or $10 for both)
Naruto Vols. 1-3 ($6 per or $14 for all three - I have two copies of volume 2.)
FAKE vols 1&2 ($6 per or $10 for both)


VHS: FAKE OVA (English dub) $10
J-Mini: Echizen Ryoma Prince Box Santa version (will be shipped in box) $10
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