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japanese dvds

I need of money fast, for this im selling this items at reasonable low price :(
For payment i accept money order, wu, or bank transfer, i dont have paypal account.

I accept offers too

Gankutusou japanese dvds vol. 1 to 7 150$ included shippment from Spain (costs about 20€)

Gankutsuou original japanese dvds, never used. Volumes 1 to 7, all special first press.
- 7 dvds with 2 episodes every one
- 2 bonus DVD containing promo footage and textless intro & outro
- a special booklet (one for dvd)
- a postcard (one for dvd)
- reversible sleeve cover artwork by Mahiro Maeda
- special poster
- 2 boxes to house volumes 1 though 8

The price in a shop for this dvds is 44.82$ every one.

Last exile dvd vol.1 limited version 35$ included shippment from Spain

- 1st dvd
- 1 box to house volumes 1 through 7
- Alvie gashapones/figure
- 1 mousepad

COWBOY BEBOP Extra Session [DVD+BOOK] 30$ included shippment from Spain

The DVD contains highlights of 26 episodes, "Spike vs. Vicious" feature, classic moments (dialog) by main characters"Perfect Visula Collection" (production material still), TV commercials & trailers, & more.

The hardcover book (A5-sized) consists of "Outlook Session," "Story Session," "Character Session," "Session after 5 Years," and "Appendix."
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