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VisualKei/ JRock selling post
including cds, magazines, merchandise, flyers& specials from different magazines. click on the picture to see a small preview (but unfortunatly i forgot kannivalism´s first minialbum& a single of KuRt on that picture)

these are the magazines where i will take out some specials from for example:
vidoll, gazette, mana, miyavi& gackt !!!

for more informations including a lot pictures just click on that cut. 
i hope you will find something nice for yourself. (^______^)

general facts:

♪  Prices are based on the own price i paid (some stuff was bought in japan for the original price, some in germany where everything is much more expensive) , quality , number of pages, musicians.
♪ I will ship worldwide from Germany.
♪ Shipping is not including.
♪ I just accept Paypal (or normal banktransfer if you live in Germany).
♪ If you´ve got some question like shipping cost, more sample pages or  probably the index of some magazines comment or send me a mail to with the subject: jrockgaragesale.


Kagrra,poster each 8€

the other stuff you see there is already sold.


european flyer.  front and back pictures.
they are small but have a quiet good quality since
 they  use cardboard instead of normal paper.

despairs ray, direngrey - 2€
12012, onmyouza - 1€

japanese flyers

1st row: onmyouza, gazette, nightmare, speed disk (serial number,  ayabie, lolita 23q, wizard and screw)
2nd row: doremidan, miyavi and jils

onmyouza, doremidan, jils - 1€
miyavi, nightmare, speed disk - 2€
gazette - 3€

flyers from magazines

nightmare, alice nine, ayabie (2pages), miyavi - 2€
 scissors - 1€


perfect condition since i never used them
 just brq´s case is already opened

KuRt - Thee spider effect single - 10€
SID - otegami including DVD - 12€
kannivalism - Soukou Humoritiy Minialbum - 15€
brq - chaplin single  - 6€


Peace&Smile Tour Vocal Special including Poster - 10€
(one index page is missing) HOLD
SID Special including Poster - 10€
(3pages are missing)

Neo Autumn 2005 - 12€
(front and backcover, including poster, but one page of SID´s aki is missing)

the magazine itself is in a perfect condition.
just the covers are a little bit broken at the border but not that obviously.

magazine specials ---> only pages.
i counted back and front!
nearly all pictures are still in the magazine because there´s no reason
to break the magazine  if nb is going to buy the pages, ne. <3

2 pages Gackt -> 1€

Fool´s Mate march2005 special Gackt
10pages - 4€

3pages D - 2€
the one with crosses are them same just front and back


Sendai Komatsu
14pages - 5€

22page - 7€

NEO Vol.001
really good quality pages.

Miyavi including poster
38 pages - 12,5€

above: poster front and back, the other pictures are samples

GAZETTE 16pages - 8€
there are a few group pictures and pictures of every member like the two of aoi.

SHOXX bis no.7

Psycho le cemu 12pages - 5€
 including poster, group pictures and one single picture of each member including a interview

Vidoll 18pages - 6€
a lot group picture and one single picture of each member with a 100question meme like the one from Jyui.

MASK 12pages - 4€
same like vidoll but just one group picture

Mana 8pages - 4€ 
no meme but a lot picture of him.

NEO genesis vol.6

Yomi& hitsugi -> NIGHTMARE
10pages - 5€


Kirito 8  very nice life only pictures - 3€

aoi from gazette - 32pages (18 text only) - 8€


Kirito 40pages (18text only) - 6€

Uruha from gazette 30pages (18 text only) - 7€

MANA - 24pages (8 text only) -

thankyou for looking through my post. ♥
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