It's FRIDAY FRIDAY gotta get down on FRIDAY (yoshibelle) wrote in garagesalejapan,
It's FRIDAY FRIDAY gotta get down on FRIDAY

OMG I have stuff for sale!

Sometimes I wish I hadn't quit my job...but then I remember Mr. Clean and his tyrannical rule, and...yeah.

*holds out tin can with two pennies in it* 

I'm selling various anime DVDs, a Devil May Cry wallscroll, five anime/video game posters, and 2 American DVDs, but those last two aren't important here.

Some stuff has pictures included but not all of it because I only just realized that I could sell it ~_~ I'll just update the post next week (no, I don't have a compy at home). The pictures and prices are all behind the link.

Save the Kimi! Kimi needs FOOD!!!! ☆彡
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