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( ・_・)r鹵~<炎炎炎

I REALLY want to get rid of the DOUJINS so... offers very welcome.


★,。・:*:・°'☆ SHIPPING ★,。・:*:・°'☆
Will ship worldwide (exc. Italy, sorry.) from UK.
Shipping prices start from £0.50 for trading cards and £1.60 for other items.
Doujins starting from: £1.50 to UK, £2.00 EU, £3.00 Wordwide
Additional doujins (each): £0.50 UK, £0.75 EU, £1.00 Wordwide
shipped = Total price including shipping to anywhere in the world.
★,。・:*:・°'☆ PAYMENT ★,。・:*:・°'☆
Paypal, concealed cash (notes only) at buyers risk: USD, GBP
currency converter
★,。・:*:・°'☆ OFFERS ★,。・:*:・°'☆
I'm open to offers on all items.
★,。・:*:・°'☆ TRADES ★,。・:*:・°'☆
Only: yaoi postcards (especially those from Kotobuki Tarako & Inariya Fusanosuke), other yaoi items,  Ichimaru Gin items.
Currently not buying. 
★,。・:*:・°'☆ FEEDBACK ★,。・:*:・°'☆ 
My feedback, though I'm too lazy to ask any usually.
Ebay feedback on request.


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