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Help me Sell my Stuff

UPDATED : New CDs added October 8th

I need to sell some things.
I need some money for a purchase and I am still int he process of moving. And moving has allowed me to go through my things.

At this time, I take PayPal only.
Items will be shipped from Canada.
I have feedback on eBay under DarkFaerieQueen and at my sales journal GothFaerieSales.
Feel free to haggle.

La'Mule: Fuyuutsuki - Yuigadai Kikeikouten boxset 
$90US + shipping
[outer cover] [clear pictures] [poster] [CD] [VHS] [calendar & postcard] [booklet 1][booklet 2] [booklet 3]

CariGari: Dai 7 Jikkenshitsu Yokokuban - Maguro - CDS + DVD
$50US + shipping
This sells for almost 6,500 yen online!
[CD] [DVD]

Malice Mizer: Le Ciel first press single
$15US + shipping
other side]


B-Pass Pierrot Extra Mook + DVD
$15US + Shipping
[inside 1] [inside 2] [inside 3] [inside 4] [inside 5]

h.Naoto Blood cutsew
ON EBAY Price Reduced!
[tag] [fabric]

La'Mule: Sweet Enemy VHS
$10US + shipping

La'Mule: Knife VHS
$8US + shipping

$10US + shipping

Penicillin: Singles VHS
$10US + shipping

Make Me an Offer for the Following CDs

Tsuyoshi Domoto: Rosso E Azzuro (album)
Kawamura Ryuich: Love (album)
SInkro: Etcetera (EP)
T.M. Revolution: Out of Orbit / Triple Zero (single)
Luna Sea: Singles (album)
Dear Neilla: (EP)
Face of Soleil onmibus (double CD album)
Laputa: meet again (single)
Mr.Children: Youthful Days (single)  Sold! Thanks!
Penicillin: Crash (single)
Shazna: Gold Sun Silver Moon (album)
Shazna: Gold Sun Silver Moon (double CD version) [picture]
Gackt: Wasurenai Kara (single) Sold! Thanks!
Gackt: Mirror (single)  Sold! Thanks!
La'Mule: Glass Shinkei to Jiga Kyoukai (EP)
Lareine: Grand Pain (single)
Pierrot: Kowareteiku kono Sekai de (single)
Endorphine: Desire EP (EP)
Pierrot: Hill (single) Sold! Thanks!
Kids Alive: Never Mind (single)
Psycho le Cemu: Prism
Gackt: Seki-Ray (single; was a rental CD) Sold! Thanks!
Penicillin: Vibe (double CD album)
Penicillin: Missing Link (album) [some wear on carboard jacket - picture 1]
Laputa: Silent On-Looker (single)
Liv: Without You (single)
T.M. Revolution: Boarding (single)
Janne Da Arc: Seed (single)
Luna Sea: gravity (single)
Cascade: sexy sexy (single)
Kawamura Ryuichi: Cranberry Soda (album)
Hakuei: Nude / Guilty (single)
Laputa: Yuranagara (single)
Baiser: psychoballet (single)


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