Jai Graham (tartlet) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Jai Graham

Small Shojo Sale!

Selling off some of my gently loved manga and anime, as I could use the cash and am not so interested in the fandom anymore.

All items will be shipped via media mail, and can be insured upon request + payment. I will not split manga bundles, as I don't want to be stuck with random volumes to a collection. Unless otherwise noted, all items are in near-mint (pristine) condition, and come from an adult collector. I only accept PayPal.

Pretear v.1-4 (COMPLETE): $25 + s&h
Pita-Ten v.1-8 (COMPLETE): $50 + s&h
Yoki Koto Kiku v.1 (COMPLETE): $5 + s&h
Rozen Maiden v. 1-2: $12 + s&h
Yotsuba! v. 1-2: $12 + s&h
Socrates in Love v.1 (COMPLETE): $5 + s&h

Gunslinger Girl v.1 + Art Shell + Fabric Wallscroll: $20 + s&h
Kaleido Star Amazing Collection Thin-Pak (5 DVDs): $40 + s&h (this is still in shinkwrap!)

Please comment if you're interested! I am a verified PayPal seller with lots of great feedback available upon request. I can also provide pictures upon request, but I am trying to move these items out as fast as I possibly can.

Thanks for reading!!
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