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08 October 2007 @ 01:13 pm
[sale] Tales of the Abyss (new and sealed)  
I'm helping one of my friends sell an extra copy of a game (she received two as gifts). ♥

Tales of the Abyss [new and sealed]
Price: $40 shipped

She based that price off the average ending price (including S&H) on eBay. It's about $3 to $5 cheaper than the average price (after S&H).

Also, I've got a lot of CDs, posters, pin-ups, magazines, and manga up for sale here, in an older sales post.

Feedback can be found here
Shipping: U.S. buyers preferred, will ship worldwide
Payment: U.S. Postal Money Order, PayPal (non-cc preferred), amazon.com gift certificate, very well concealed cash