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h.Naoto FRILL Alice JSK and H.JELLY coat, as well as two punk/vkei-ish type hats (cow and bunny).

YYH shitajiki and a couple of gashapon (ROD's Nenene and Love Hina's Kaolla Su).

2 Fullmetal Alchemist doujins and 1 Death Note doujin.

The following are not yet listed on my journal, but I am also selling:

2 complete sets of Naruto figures, this one and this one.

Authentic VW jewelry.

Small orb earrings:



NWOT, never worn, but might be a bit dusty. I'll do my best to clean and disinfect before I ship. There are a few ways to check the authenticity, for example the gems are the right color, the orb isn't anchored in place with a bar, the cross is directly connected to the orb, and the center of the top part pokes out slightly like a button.

I no longer have the original packaging. Asking 200$ shipped, as you can see they are originally around 240$ on the site, plus shipping would be more like 265$+.

I'm also willing to sell this + a small glass orb necklace for 415$ + shipping (over 100$ saving from buying them on the site). The necklace has been lightly used, though, and also doesn't have the packaging. I'll take pictures of it only if anyone's interested. Not selling the necklace individually at this time. Just like on my sales journal, if you can't pay one lump sum, I'm happy to do holds and payment plans. ^^


- Any Death Note Nendoroids, used is fine if they are in good condition. Looking to pay about 35 shipped if possible, maybe a little more.

- Anything of Suppurate System that's comfortable to wear. Prefer rings and necklaces.

- Acidman CDs.

- BtSSB AaTP trump headband.

Also still WTT for Clamp in 3D Land Volume 3 set (I have full set of 1 & 2.)

Thanks for looking!
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