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selling off manga, doujin and bromides

Clearing shelves off. The deal is $5 for one manga, $9 for two doujinshi and $4 for one bromide. All are inclusive of global shipping :D If you're using CC-Paypal, fees apply though D: Please note I'm based outside the US.

Choices behind the


Title: Shijou Saitei no Tennis Geme Uhauha Zabu-n
Circle: Ar-ta
Details: B5 size, 52 pages. Inter-school crack.

Title: Shin Seigakusei Nikki
Circle: Dokurodan
Details: B5 size, 30 pages. Good ol' Seigaku crack. (AKA Yamato buchou is so creepy D:)

Title: ...can't... read it ;________;
Circle: NANA-Akiyoshi
Details: B5 size, 38 pages. Her Yuuta/Mizuki are to die for, but this is even *_________*er. Some interschool crack! ...Atsushi and his ducks @_____@ Yuuta-bothering. Mizuki's heart to heart with his mom. Atsushi/Ryou interaction. Fudomine gag with the prettiest Shinji! Of course, obligatory Hyoutei cameo. (Shishido begging Kantoku for his regular spot and Choutarou being a DORK, Taki... being interesting XD) And YAMABUKI <3333 *Yamabuki fangirl*

Title: totes can't read this either
Circle: ksky?
Details: B5 size, 30 pages. Interschool book! Senbatsu crack XD With main focus on Renji, Sanada, Atobe and Sengoku. Drinking tea, brushing teeth, the four dorks ADVENTURING at night XD

Title: Seigaku vs Hyoutei + Yamabuki dayo, Zenin Shuugou!
Circle: jet monster
Details: B5 size, 22 pages. Inukai & SP on an accidental double date of sorts ;D Oshitari/Atobe, Sengoku/Atobe as well.

Title: Inui Sadaharu Shiki Taiikusai Shinan.
Circle: jet monster
Details: B5 size, 11 pages. Pretty rare. Sweet Inukai action :D

Title: また明日、会えました
Circle: futami
Details: A5 size, 40 pages. InuKai. (sorry for crappy handphone photo ;____;)

Title: Crescendo
Circle: zombiking
Details: B5 size, 24 pages. Painfully sexy Inukai with some voyeur!Ryoma on the side. That's right. Voyeur!Ryoma *_________*

Title: Puzzle
Circle: yoshizumi
Details: B5 size, 30 pages. Kaidou gets bullied into trying to solve one of those puzzle things. The metal bits stuck together and you need to seperate them? Yeah, those. Momo and Eiji are all heheh we're up to no good, and Inui is such an adorable know it all and a DORK. Especially in the end ;D You get to see Inui without his glasses for a while XD

Title: 24.7
Circle: kai@az
Details: B5 size, 44 pages. I love Amano Kai's manga, so her Inukai doujin is a pleasure *________* Hot and sweet and awkward, all at the same time.

Title: Nobody Clutch/Love Master
Circle: Wild Daisy
Details: A5 size, 14 pages of comic, the rest are text. I don't usually buy comic-text hybrids but I had to get this ;_____; because Kaidou's so amazingly sensual-looking XD Maybe it's the way the eyes or his mouth is drawn *_______* Inui being a dork, basically XD

Title: Ikonoklasmus
Circle: clumsy berry
Details: B5 size, 48 pages. Shishido/Atobe. Some angst and lots of tension. It hurts, but in a good way. My favourite ShishiAto cricle ^^


Inukai Sakura Bromide

Also have SP festival bromide (magician!Choutarou) & Shishido Ryou Present Bromide

Manga all in English
Descendants of Darkness 1
Gravitation 2
Eerie Querie 1
Samurai Champloo 1 (Chuang Yi Published, English)
Lupin IIIrd 2
Saiyuki Reload 1, 2 (Chuang Yi Published, English)
Tsubasa RC 1

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