finalequinox (finalequinox) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling: J-rock Magazines, Tour Pamphlets and JE stuff

Hello! We're selling and auctioning a whole bunch of stuff over at our journal. We have a lot of J-rock magazines, JE magazines, tour pamphlets, official shop photos and other goodies. Here's a list of what we have for sale~

Tour Pamphlets (everything is sealed and brand new):

the GazettE - NLSG Tour (1st half)
the GazettE - NLSG Tour (2nd half)

alice nine. - 2nd oneman
alice nine. - White Period ~The Colors Becomes to be White~ 2006 Winter
alice nine. - Summer Tour 2006 (Hello, New Super View)
alice nine. - Hello Dear Numbers Tour Pamphlet
alice nine. - Black Jewel White Rose Tour Pamphlet 2007

Arashi - Time Tour Pamphlet (bought from the Tokyo Dome concert last Sunday)

J-rock Magazines (brand new)

Neo Genesis Vol. 18, Cure October 2007, Fool's Mate August 2007, Arena Super Best 2007, Shoxx Indexx 2007

JE Magazines (brand new)

Potato September 2007, Wink Up September 2007, Duet July 2007, Wink Up June 2007

If anyone's interested in the stuff we're selling, please give us a visit anytime~ Thank you!!!

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