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JRock sales post~!

Hi everyone!

I'm selling a few JRock items from the following artists:

- Gazette
- Kagrra,
- alice nine.
- Nightmare
- and more!

Please have a look if interested!

* Paypal only. (unless you live in Australia and then concealed cash is an option)
* Payment before shipping.
* Sales are first come first serve unless someone is willing to pay more for an item than the original buyer.
* Prices are negotiable to a reasonable extent.
* I can combine shipping; if something small (like a photoset/sticker) goes in with a poster, you only pay for the poster's shipping. Likewise, if you buy two small items, you only pay shipping for the biggest one.


alice nine. #1 (abingdon boys school back)


alice nine. #2


Gazette #1


Gazette #2 (An Cafe back)


Gazette #3


Gazette #4

Closeup: [1]


$8 (has been hung and has slight damage)



Kagrra, (Nightmare back)


Kawamura Ryuichi (former vocalist of LUNA SEA)


Shipping for all posters will be $2 worldwide. I can combine shipping on posters but only 2 posters will fit into one envelope (and even that's a squeeze) so if you buy more than 2 at a time, I'll have to make it a parcel and you'll have to pay a bit more for shipping.


Kagrra, - shizuku (regular edition)

$20  +$3s&h

Additional photos:
Booklet [1] [2] [3] [4]
Inside [1]
Obi, etc [1]
Trading Card [1]

All original items have been kept with this CD and it is in very good condition.


Kagrra, - Sara

$40  +$5s&h

Additional Photos:
Back [1]
Inside [1] [2]
Poster [1]


Gazette Photoset (Hyena)

$25  +$2s&h


This was bought directly from Japan and, as far as I can remember, was only available for 4 days, so it's quite rare. All the photos are just like new and have hardly been handled.

Gazette Sticker

$5  +$1s&h

Came with the limited edition of STACKED RUBBISH. I can't remember if this is a GuruGuru privilege or not as I ordered SR from GuruGuru, but it's hard to come across nonetheless. Brand new condition and approx. 7.25 x 5inch (18.5 x 13cm) in size.

Nightmare Tissues

$5(?)  +$1s&h

Additional Photos:

A packet of tissues with a picture of Nightmare on the front. These were given to me so I have no idea of their original value. I've never seen anything like them though, so I assume they're rare. They've never been used and are in excellent condition.

EXTRA: Gazette fans have the option to receive a free Reita photo with every purchase! (only Reita is available, sorry)

If you're interested in anything here, please comment or send me an email to aoilolita[at]hotmail.com.

Thank you for looking!
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