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In Need of Fundage


I have feedback on eBay under DarkFaerieQueen and at my sales journal GothFaerieSales.

On eBay!

New Lowered Price!!!!

h.Naoto Blood cutsew
Starting bid on eBay is $49!!!
[tag] [fabric]

Other Items!

CaliGari: Dai 7 Jikkenshitsu Yokokuban - Maguro - CDS + DVD
$50US + shipping
This sells for almost 6,500 yen online!
[CD] [DVD]
** I'll also include a CaliGari CD that was included with an issue of Fools Mate!! **

La'Mule: Fuyuutsuki - Yuigadai Kikeikouten boxset 
Originally priced at 10,290 yen new, I have not seen this item anywhere else, except where I bought it!
$90US + shipping
[outer cover] [clear pictures] [poster] [CD] [VHS] [calendar & postcard] [booklet 1][booklet 2] [booklet 3]
** Please leave a comment if you are intersted in tracklisting of CD and PVs contained on the VHS **

La'Mule: Sweet Enemy VHS
$10US + shipping

La'Mule: Knife VHS

$10US + shipping

Lowered Price!!!!
B-Pass Pierrot Extra Mook + DVD
$10US + Shipping
[inside 1] [inside 2] [inside 3] [inside 4] [inside 5]


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