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I've compiled a wishlist of stuff I want. I would really, really prefer to trade since I'm running out of room, but if your price is good I am willing to buy.

Pencil Boards (I'm especially looking for the other K-books Nitta and the completions of my Saiyuki set) Trade preffered. Check out here for my extras and Check out here to see what I like and already have My site

Binsen (especailly bleach)-I would prefer to trade (Tell me what you like and I'll try and take pics or scan)
Check out here to see what I like and already have My site

Trading Cards- I would prefer to pay no more than .50 a card (I would prefer just to buy big lots, but if you only sell individual ask for #)
Peace Maker (willing to pay a little more for these)
Saiyuki G Fantasy (prefer to trade my g-fantasy extras for the ones I'm after)
Rurouni Kenshin
Loveless 9, 19, 24, 29,33, 39,43 49,50,51
D. Gray-man
Youka Nitta
+ more 

Hitman Reborn
Hikaru no go

Yaoi manga- I would prefer to pay nothing over $6 shipped or less for most series though(English only please)
The finder series 2 (willing to pay a little for this one) and up
+ many more feel free to offer

I have a brand new copy still in plastic of 'Affair by  Shiuko Kano' that I would love to trade with.

Sha Gojyo

Son Goku (saiyuki)
+many more

Doujinshi-I like my doujinshi hard yaoi unless its from a circle I collect
Byakuya/ Renji (bleach)
Gojyo/ Sanzo (saiyuki)
Saitou/ Sano (rurouni Kenshin)
Luffy/ Usopp (One Piece)
Acute girls
Jerry Angel

Postcards, Stickers, Badges, pins, bookmarks, and the like. from various series check out the link and lists above to get an idea

Also I've updated my journal with a few more things incuding some manga, and more trading cards. Check it out.


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