Mike (dravack) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Items wanted

I'm currently looking for 3 items mainly all from a anime called Kino's Journey or Kino no Tabi.

1. Is a keychain

"A gorgeous leather and steel keychain, based upon the design Kino uses to stay in touch with Hermes.
Item Name: Keychain (Kino & Hermes)
Price: 1,000yen
Size: 140x30mm
Material: Metal, leather
Retailer: Toy Works Inc."
2. Is a Stainless steel mug

"From the original version of Kino's Journey, this stainless steel mug is a limited edition item.
Item Name: Limited Edition Kino’s Journey Mug
Price: 1,000 yen
Material: Stainless Steel"
3. Is the ps2 game

Also if you happen to find the pvc for a reasonable price I might be intrested in buying it also.

See http://www.kinosjourney.com/goods.shtml for more info on above items. My main problem is some of these items are only available in Japan currently if anyone has or can get above items please email me or post back with your info and how much you would like for them in US dollars $ if possible. Email: mlee1987@hotmail.com Also I would like to apologize for any wrong doings I might of done in this post I am a bit new to livejournal and this group.

P.S. If anyone happens to find or have any neat items from the anime Elfen Lied feel free to let me know about them also. Would love to buy a PVC of Lucy!

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