Krisgoat (krisgoat) wrote in garagesalejapan,

DS Game For Sale/Trade

I recently bought this game brand new for around $30 to cheer myself up after my hamster died. But know every time I play it I get sad! So can anyone give this cute cat game a good home? Ill take $20 or a trade :)

About the game:
There's no such thing as too cute! Your local animal adoption center has many kittens in need of a good home. Once you take a kitten home, keep her happy and healthy with food and toys. Your faithful feline loves hearing her name and being petted. You can earn extra kitty coinz by helping out your neighbors Haley and Brandon with their kittens. Use coinz to dress up your kitten and buy great stuff. Cat sit for your neighbors and you'll earn kitty cardz to expand your feline knowledge.

My whole selling LJ with feedback:
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