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Moving to LA and Need to Sell These!!!

I'm selling random jrock merch. Nothing's wrong with any of them, just was either curious about the bands or bought them by mistake (I tend to do that with L'Arc cds too, forgetting which ones I have already...). All prices are negotiable. If you want more info, or more pics, just let me know. All of these I bought used, unless otherwise noted, though all media plays perfectly. ^_^

  • Quoted shipping prices are for regular mail, possibly Media Mail, in US dollars. Priority will cost more, especially for magazines. When inquiring, please provide prefered method of payment and shipping type.
  • Paypal prefered (I have a Premium account so there will be a tiny fee added to shipping cost, usually about $1), but other payment options can be discussed.
  • Any questions or need more pictures/info, or you want to privately offer, please email me at
  • This entry is cross-posted, so I'm sorry if you see it more than once.
  • I work M-F, so can only go to the Post Office once a week, on Saturday. If one of my roommates can get there during the week, then your order can be mailed out sooner, but I make no promises.

Added new things, dropped prices on a few.

New&Sealed Kyo's "Jigyaku Furan CINEMA" first poetry book
JRock/Pop CDs
*Luna Sea*Penicillin*L'Arc~en~Ciel*S.O.A.P.*Gackt*Kisaki Project*Syndrome*Dir en grey*T.M.Revolution*Arb*Blue*B'z*Charcoal Filter*Chage and Asuka*Dragon Ash*The Yellow Monkey*Illumina*Bali*Ladie's Room*Liv*No'Where*Sophia*Youichiro Sakuraba*Triceratops*Wilberry*Wino*Ayumi Hamasaki*Sugar Soul*The Brilliant Green*Hikaru Utada* Glay*Judy and Mary*Kick the Can Crew*m.c.A.T.*Mr. Children*Rogue*Shakalabbits/L57R*Sugar Soul/Zeebra*Candy*Kinki Kids*Mori Daisuke*Zard*
8cm CDs
*T.M.Revolution*Field of View*By:Sexual*B'z*Glay*Shazna*L'Aec~en~Ciel*The Yellow Monkey*Kinki Kids*Triceratops*Fanatic Crisis*Gisho*Soft Ballet*Penicillin*Miki Imai*Three Eyes Jack*Lindberg*HIM*SMAP*Ryuichi Kawamura*
Anime OSTs
*Lost Universe*
Anime Books/Graghic Novels/Photobooks/Scorebooks
*Malice Mizer*L'Arc~en~Ciel*Shazna*Ryuichi Kawamura*Triceratops*Mobile Suit Gundam*Nadesico*Ninja Highschool*Sarasa*Gashu*Slayers*
* Arena37c * SHOXX * Fool's Mate * Ultra Veat * B-Pass * Newsmaker * What's In * Pati-Pati * Vicious * Anime Insider *
*Audrey*Auncia*Aya*Cloud Nine*ClutchxGasoline*Cross Cradle*DollisxMaruru*Waruiyatsu*TMR*Javelin*Jigoro*P~route*Realice*xJihadx*Wed+day*Yajashan*Guleve*
*The Gazette*Psycho le Cemu*Noiz*An Cafe*Ayabie*Surface*w-inds*Siam Shade*Noisy/Yasu/Shuse*
Concert VHSs
*Dragon Ash*


Demonia Creepers

$40+sh (depends on where you live)
Brand new, only tried on Once. Bought online as a size 8 Womans but too small.

L'Arc~en~Ciel-Light My Fire Concert VHS

Full Light My Fire concert 1998.10.17 in Osaka Dome, 10.1 in Kokuritsu Yoyogi Daiichi Taiiku-kan
14 songs, approx. 80min. Ki/oon Records
Includes original double-sided large flyer w/ concert details, tour dayts and band info.


Malice Mizer-Mereilles album/photobook

$35+4sh obi included (perfect condition)
RARE full album and photobook of Mervielles.
12 tracks, 34 pages of beautiful band pictures in classis Merveilles outfits, and lyrics.
Book slightly worn on the spine where it opens. No bent pages or anything broken. CD plays wonderfully.


Marrow of the Bone SIGNED by Die and

Toshiya of Dir en grey

Bought the CD at the Viejas Deftones/Dir en grey live, where Die and Toshiya came out afterwards and signed it.


AN Cafe Poster

$6+2sh (folded)
From the 39th issure of CURE. Never been used.


T.M.Revolution-Hot Limit

RARE 8cm single [98.6.24] music by Daisuke Asakura
3 songs:Hot Limit, AQUALOVERS into the night, Hot Limit Mitsuya-mix
Excellent condition


SHOXX 4'05 The Gazette

Also Feat: Nightmare, Miyavi, Mucc, Kagrra...


  • Jan '06 W-inds $8+4sh
    Also Feat: WaT, Miyavi, TMR, Uverworld, HandMighty Color, Exile, Gackt, Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, Shulla, Shelly Trip Realize...
  • Aug '99 Siam Shade $6+4sh
    Also Feat: Surface, Gackt, TMR, Zigzo, Luna Sea, Pierrot...

  • 10'01 Fanatic Crisis $8+4sh Also Feat: Pierrot, Laputa, Sex Machineguns, Malice Mizer, Psycho le Cemu, JILS, Due'le Quartz, Kagrra, Phobia...
  • 7'04 Psycho le Cemu $10+4sh Also Feat: Mucc, Miyavi, hide, Nightmare, Gazette, Vidoll....
  • 4'04 Psycho le Cemu $10+4sh Also Feat: Plastic Tree, Fanatic Crisis, Mucc, Nightmare, Miyavi...
  • 4'05 The Gazette $12+4sh Also Feat: Nightmare, Miyavi, Mucc, Kagrra...
  • 6'05 Psycho le Cemu $10+4sh Also Feat: Plastic Tree, Nightmare, Miyavi, Gazette, SID...

SHOXX bis-</ul>
Fool's Mate-

  • B-Pass-
    • '07 $6+$4sh (poster included)
      Also Feat:Orange Range, L'Arc~en~Ciel, High and Mighty Color, Gackt, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Shakalabbits, Yui, K, MUCC, MCU...
    • 3'05 (Glay) $6+$4 Good condition aside from smudges and marks from price sticker.
      Also features: Orange Range, Porno Graffitti, TMR, Rip Slyme, Shakalabbits, Soul'd Out, High and Mighty Color, Psycho le Cemu and more!
    • Bump of Chicken</b> $6+$4 Good condition aside from smudges on white cover and mark fron grocery store price sticker.
      Also Features: Chemistry, Orange Range, Teru of Glay, Larc, K, D-51, High and Mighty Color, Porno Graffitti and more!

    • 12'05 $8+$4sh
      Also Feat:L'Arc~en~Ciel, B'z, Chemistry, Pierrot, Shakalabbits, Sophia, Hyde, 175R, Tommy February, J (ex. Luna Sea), Hyde (solo), Kimeru, UVERworld, Plastic Tree, Kiyiharu, Tsubaki on the back cover/pages...
    • 9'06 Uverworld $8+4sh
      Also Feat: Hyde, Orange Range, B-T, Mia of Mucc, Miyavi, K...

    What's In?-
    • 5'05 (L'Arc~en~Ciel) $8+$4sh
      Feat: L'Arc~en~Ciel (PLUS 2 fold out centerfolds!!), Orange Range, B'z, Glay, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Misia, Gackt, MCU, High and Mighty Color, Miyavi, ZARD, Sophia, TRAX, Sum41 (O.o), K...
    • 8'06 (Glay) $6+$4sh
      Feat: Glay, Exile, Dragon Ash, Shinhwa, B'z, Southern All Stars, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, MUCC, UVERworld, Miyavi, ....
    • 4'05 (B'z) $5+$4 shipping. Good condition, though some old stains (?) on cover if you tilt it in the light. Also mark where the grocery store put the sticker tag on the cover *growls* I wish they wouldn't do that.
      Also Featured: Orange Range, Larc, Glay, Utada, 175R, Aiko, High and Mighty Color, The Back Horn and more!
    • 1'06 (Bump of Chicken) $5+$4 shipping Good condition.
      Also Featured: Mr. Children, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Glay, Orange Range, Exile, Bank Band and more!

    • 11'05 (Orange Range) $8+$4 shipping. Good condition aside from smudges on the cover and stain from price sticker.
      Also Features:Hyde, Larc, Gackt, TMR, K, DaPump, Lead, PaniCrew, SID, High and Mighty Color and more!
    • 6'99 (Surface) $6+4sh Also Feat: Glay, Larc, Gackt, TMR, La'cryma Christi...

    Anime Insider



    Luna Sea- Luna Sea $10+$2sh no obi
    Penicillin-Limelight $10+2sh
    S.O.A.P. (Sons of All Pussys)
    Kisaki Project feat. Jui (Vidoll) ~Never ending Memories~ $12+$2 shipping obo
    2 track single [04.8.25]
    3rd maxi single, never opened; still in original pack aging.
    Syndrome- Sosei $8+$2 shipping
    5 track Mini-Album. [2000]
    Great condition. No obi.
    Dir en Grey- Ryoujoku no Ame Unopened- $10+$2 shipping
    • The End of Genesis TMR Turbo Type D $5+$2sh
      3 track single [99.6.23]
      Almost Perfect condition! Oversized (8"hx5"w), beautiful packaging for TMR's single, featuring pics of him and D.A. Pic shown is in the open position, showing the blue cd and the lyrics underneath.
    • Black or White? vers. 3 $4+$2sh
      5 track mini-album (B/W remix)[00.4.19]
      In Great condition, no obi.

    Arb- Infinitely $3+$2sh
    3 track maxi-single [1998]
    Case is all black save the very front. Comes with lyric book (with very beautiful pictures).
    Blue- Breath $4+$2sh
    6 track Mini-Album [97.12.03]
    Album includes white carboard slipcase, original inserts and extra booklet of pictures.
    • Bansai $4+$2sh
      2 track single [04.5.05] obi included
      In Great shape. Features original paperwork and a Large obi, covering the whole front of the cd case!
    • May $4+$2sh
      2 track single [0.5.24] obi included
      Everything in Near Mint cindition; includes original paperwork and glossy, full cd obi with the cover on one side and a large picture on the band on the other.
    • Konya tsuki no mieru oka ni $4+$2sh
      2 track single [00.2.09]
      In Great condition.

    Charcoal Filter-
    • I Start Again $4+$2sh
      3 track maxi-single [00.10.31] obi incl
      Near mint condition.
    • 卒業 $4+$2sh
      3 track maxi-single [02.1.30] obi incl
      Near mint condition (though slight wear on obi)
    • $4+$2sh
      3 track maxi-single [[01.3.09]
      near mint condition.
    • 孤独な太陽 $4+$2sh
      3 track maxi-single [01.9.26]
      Near mint condition.

    Chage and Aska- You Are Free $3+$2sh
    4 track maxi-single [1993]
    obi avail apon request.
    Dragon Ash-
    • Life Goes On $4+$2sh
      3 track maxi-single [02.1.23] obi incl
      Great condition, slight wear on obi
    • Marrow $4+$2sh
      4 track maxi-single [03.6.25]
      First Press (?) Near Mint Condition! Comes in a cardboard case with original paperwork insert.
    • Summer Tribe $4-$2sh
      4 track maxi-single [2000]
      Near Mint condition!
    • Fantasista $4+$2sh
      3 track maxi-single [02.3.06] obi incl
      Near mint condition!
      "Fantasista" was featured on the Official Album on the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
    • I *heart* Hip Hop $4+$2sh
      3 track maxi-single [99.5.01]
      Great condition.
    • Grateful Days $4+$2sh
      3 track maxi-single [99.5.01]
      Feat. Aco of Zeebra as guest.

    The Yellow Monkey- バラ色の日々 $4+$2sh
    3 track single [1999]
    Illumina- 幾億分の一の確率 $3+$2sh
    3 track maxi-single [00.2.17]
    Bali $3+$2sh
    3 track maxi-single [00.3.08]
    Ladies Room-
    • Try $4+$2sh
      2 track single [02.5.15] obi included.
      I think I scanned the back again . Oh well. In Great shape.
    • Skeleton Key $8+$2sh
      17 track album [03.9.24]
      This jam-packed album is in Great condition; includes original cardboard slip cover.

    No'Where- Bawl Out $5+2$sh
    10 track full album
    In Great condition. Comes in a nice, thick box (near mint condition).
    • Oar $4+$2sh
      4 track maxi-single [99.1.15]
    • Alive $6+$2sh
      13 track full album [98.5.20]
      This album comes in an oversized box (thick), with lyric sheet (containins lyrics and Many pictures, some fold-out) with an additional thich booklet containing all pics related to the theme of the album. All in near mint condition save the outer cardboard box/slip cas (has a few scratches).
    • Good Morning! Hello 21st Century $4+$2sh
      3 track maxi-single [01.1.17] obi included, though a slight tear in it.

    Youichiro Sakuraba (TOKIO)- Omae ya naito akannen $4+$sh
    4 track Maxi-single [03.4.30]
    Vocalist of TOKIO!
    • Universe $4+$2sh
      2 track single [99.12.08] obi incl
      In Near Mint condition, comes in original clear protective plastic w/ a silver sticker on it saying something about "Universe" and "Wild Arms TV"
    • 2020 $4+$2sh
      3 track maxi-single [0.5.01]
      Near mint condition, beautiful cover (disc is blue as well).

    • Anytime $4+$2sh
      6 track Mini-album [0.12.19]
      er... accidently scanned the back cover. Oh well. The front has a doberman on it >.>;
    • In My Soul of Souls $4+$2sh
      5 track Mini Album [99.4.21]
    • The Sun $4+$2sh
      5 track Mini Album [99.7.23]
    • i will) Unmask You $4+$2sh
      3 track single [00.1.26]

    Wino- Ain't Gonna Lose $4+$2sh
    3 track maxi-single [99.5.6]
    Near mint condition!
    Ayumi Hamasaki- Never Ever $5+$2sh
    10 track album [01.3.07] obi incl.
    Great condition. Remix of Never Ever.
    Sugar Soul 5 track Mini-Album [1998]
    Great condition aside from the silver shipping off on the front. All the green you see is a micro-fiber material, very soft.
    The Brilliant Green -Hello Another Way $4+2sh
    2 track single [00.5.31]
    Great condition, no obi.
    Hikaru Utada- Addicted to You $4+$2sh
    4 track Maxi-single [1999]
    remix+instrumental, no obi.
    Glay- Mermaid $4+$2sh
    3 track single [00.7.19]
    Near Mint condition (very slight smudges on white on back cardboard cover). Comes w/ original insert.
    Judy and Mary- 777 3.00+$2 shipping USD
    [01.1.24] Single, 2 tracks (1 voiceless I think).
    Kick the Can Crew- パンク寸前のFUNK $2.00+$2 shipping USD
    [2003] 3 track single.
    m.c.A.T.- Fight 4 da Future $3.00+$2 shipping USD
    [94.11.22] 12 track album. Hard metal case with a clear and image printed plastic slip case. Slight scratches on the cd/case, but plays wonderfully (just not what I generally listen to).
    Mr. Children- Any $2.00+$2 shipping USD
    [02.7.10] 2 track single.
    Rogue- Solid Blue $2.00+$2 shipping USD (obo)
    [90.5.21] 12 track album. Bought my mistake (thought they were Rouage; I'm such an idiot when I don't pay attention). Not bad, just not what I was looking for.
    Shaka Labbits/175R -Stand By You!! $3.00+$2 shipping USD
    [03.7.23] 4 track coupling single from Shaka Labbits and 175R. Includes obi. I'd been curious about how both of them sounded, so found this and thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.
    Sugar Soul/Zeebra- Siva 1999 $2.00+$2 shipping USD
    [01.12.9] 4 track coupling cd faturing Sugar soul and Zeebra. Includes obi and lyrics on individual clear sheets.
    Candy- Green Noel $2+$2 shipping
    6 track Mini Album
    Bought by mistake. Evidently there are at least 3 japanese bands named Candy. This are a bunch of young woman.
    Kinki Kids-
    Mori Daisuke- Rain $4+$2 shipping
    3 track single.
    Great condition, obi included.
    Zard- この涙 星になれ $2+$2 shipping
    2 track single. [99.12.01]
    In good condition, used, includes obi.

    8CM CDS *RARE*

    Field of View-君がいたから $2+2sh
    Shazna-White Silent Night pic 2 $8+2sh
    The Yellow Monkey-
    Kinki Kids-Happy Happy Greeting pic 2 $8+2sh
    Triceratops-Mascara & Mascaras $6+2sh
    Fanatic Crisis-火の鳥 $8+2sh
    Gisho (solo single) $6+2sh
    Soft Ballet-You $6+2sh
    Penicillin-Make Love $6+2sh
    Fanatic Crisis-Hinotori (Phoenix) $6+2sh
    Miki Imai-Sleep My Dear $6+2sh
    Three Eyes Jack-Holiday $6+2sh
    Lindberg-もっと愛しあいましょ $2+2sh
    HIM-Aquarius $2+2sh old japanese band, female lead vocals.
    HIM-No MOre Kiss, No More Cry $2+2sh
    SMAP-Fly $3+2sh comes with 'BIRDMAN' sticker
    Ryuichi Kawamura-

    Anime OSTs

    Lost Universe OST $5+$2 shipping
    41 tracks on 1 cd. Opened but never listened to.
    The Best of Lost Universe [from TV] $4+$2 shipping
    15 track album
    Great condition. Opened but never listened to.

    Books/Graphic Novels

    Malice Mizer-Ma Cherie $25+4sh
    3 song single in RARE book format. Features lovely pictures of the whole band.
    Malice Mizer-Mervielles $35+4sh obi included
    Full 12 song album in RARE book format. Complete with track listing, lyrics and full color pictures of each member of the band.
    L'Arc~en~Ciel-Stay Away Scorebook $10+4sh
    The complete band score book for the Stay Away/Get Out from the Shell single.
    SHAZNA-Fantasia $20+4sh
    Large, over-sized photobook, put out in 1998. Many beautiful pictures of all three members of the band.
    Ryuichi Kawamura-My Piano Stories $15+4sh
    Oversized piano scorebook containing the complete Play in the Piano scores for 12 songs, plus Piano Solos for 3.
    Triceratops-Going to the Moon Scorebook $6+4sh
    Complete score to the song Going to the Moon.
    Mobile Suit Gundam vol. 1 $4+$3sh
    a medium-sized book, 1998, that details what looks like episodes and trades from the MSG series. I bought it used becuase I like Gundam ^_^ but it's just sitting there, collecting dust. It has a number of pages of color, a bunch more black and whit, detailing characters and such, and alot of text as well.
    Smudges on the white cover, and a few creases in the jacket, but otherwise in good condition considering it's been through several owners within it's 8yrs of life.
    Gundam-The Origin $4+$3sh
    In Fair condition (a few creases and wear points along the spine), this graphic novel in partly in color, mostly black and white. Though read right to left, the text is in English.
    Nadesico graphic novel vol.1 Oversized, in Great condition. All b/w comic written in English.
    Ninja High School vol. 2 $4+$3sh
    Volume of the NHS graphic album collection. Read left to right, all text in english.
    Good condition.
    Sarasa Mizuki Ken Gashuu I know very little about this oversized artbook, Sarasa Mizuki Ken Gashuu, other than the fact that it is in Great condition, and boasts very beautiful, full color pictures inside. The link on the the takes you to a site that carried it, though no longer does.
    Slayers-Medieval Mayhem $6+$3sh
    B/W manga in English. Great condition!
    Mobile Suit Museum $6+$4sh
    thin but oversized, this 'documentary' book is about how the MSGs came into being, chronicling their origins and stats in high detail. Full cover and bi-lingual, this is a very interesting piece, crammed full of knowledge and 'facts' about the Gundams.


    Audrey $1+$2sh
    Auncia $1+$2sh
    Aya $1+$2sh
    Cloud Nine (double sided-front) and back $1+$2sh (smaller)
    ClutchxGyasarin/Gasoline $1+$2sh
    Cross Cradle $1+$2sh (smaller)
    DollisxMaruru (double sided-front)and back</b>$1+$2sh
    Waruiyatsu $1+$2sh
    T.M.Revolution $1+$2sh
    Javelin $1+$2sh
    Jigoro $1+$2sh
    P~route $1+$2sh
    Realice $1+$2sh
    xJihadx $1+$2sh
    Wed+day $1+$2sh
    Yajashan (smaller) $1+$2sh
    Guleve $1+$2sh


    Psycho le Cemu $6+2sh (folded) never been used.
    Noiz $6+$2 (folded)
    From the 38th issue of Cure.
    Never been used.
    An Cafe $6+$2 shipping (folded)
    From the 39th issue of Cure
    Never been used.
    Ayabie $6+$2 shipping (folded)
    From the 35th issue of Cure
    Never been used.
    Surface on one side and Hysteric Blue on the other. $3+2sh (folded) Never been used.
    w-inds $6+2sh (folded) never been used.
    Siam Shade $5+2sh never been used.
    Noisy/Sex Machineguns, Yasu/Janne Da Arc, Shune/La'cryma Christi $6+2 sh (folded) Never been used.


    RARE New&Sealed Kyo's "Jigyaku Furan CINEMA" first poetry book Link to slideshow. My friend is selling it, tho he has neither Myspace nor Livejournal. You can contact him directly through that site or through me, either way. Taking offers now. The last offer was for $200.
    Demonia CREEPERS $40+10sh Black with Blue stars. I bought them as size 8 (w), but feel way too small.
    L'Arc~en~Ciel-Light My Fire Concert VHS $15+3sh
    Full concert from Tour '98 Light My Fire.
    L'Arc~en~Ciel-1999 Grand Cross Conclusion VHS$15+3sh
    Full concert 9.22 1999 in Tokyo, Japan.
    Nightmare Stickers almost 4x6 in size.
    Dragon Ash stickers $1.50+$.37sh
    came with limited edition cd.
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