shindow_kitsu (shindow_kitsu) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I've got Final Fantasy VII and Digimon Adventure Doujinshi for sale or trade!

FFVII Doujinshi - $2.00, CloudxAerith, some angst, but cheery ending!

Digimon Taito Doujinshi (1) - $4.00, lots of TaichixYama fluff, not very much excplicit, catboy fluff

Digimon Taito Doujinshi (2) - $7.00, really really shiny cover, beautiful. SoraxTaichixYamato stuff, TakeruxHikari pairing, nothing explicit at all, just a really beautiful doujin.

Shipping: $3.00

Paypal Only please.

Or, if you'd like to trade, I'll gladly trade for any Doujinshi featuring Aerith or Yamato you would want to part with =)

Payment can be made to katvara @ gmail dot com, please include your items and LJ username in the memo otherwise I dont know what you bought and wont be able to contact you here!

If you need more images or feedback references, please ask!


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