RedJackCash (redjackcash) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Big sale!

Hey guys! I've got the last of my yaoi/shounen ai doujinshi collection up for sale, really cheap (we're talkiing 3--5 bucks, here)! A couple things have disappeared already, but here's a few of the series:

Gundam Wing
Saiyuki (lots!)
Here is Greenwood
Tenshi ni Narumon
Final Fantasy X
Devil May Cry (more comedy than yaoi, but great!)

As well as some lots of yaoi manga, a huge lot of Zelda manga, volume one of Card Captor Sakura in english published by Kodansha Bilingual Comics, a Saiyuki pencilboard, a Tomomi Kobayashi artbook, and some Ranma 1/2 playing cards.

Click here to see!

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