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For Sale: 2LDK

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"A twisted skillfully paced black comedy 2LDK (2-Bedroom Living Room Dining Room & Kitchen) packs a startling amount of inventiveness razor-sharp wit and filmmaking fervor to tell the story of two roommates at odds with the world and each other. Two struggling actresses share a Tokyo apartment. As they compete for the same film role and the same boyfriend their petty squabbles soon turn into all-out war and when they break out the power tools and electrocution devices you know these two ladies have forfeited more than their security deposit. Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi one of the most promising young filmmakers in Japan pushes his film's premise to the extreme making for an unforgettable non-stop barrage of laughs fights and ultra-violence."

Running Time 70 // Format: Closed-captioned, Color, DVD-Video, NTSC, Subtitled, Widescreen // Region: 1 // Genre: FOREIGN // Rating: NR // Studio: TLA Releasing

As you can see from the little red sticker at the top left hand side, this is a rental store previously-viewed DVD. It's in a nice sturdy case with the original cover, which has a small puncture on the back (on the word "skillfully"). The disc is in good condition with some light scratches and a little dirt(I would have cleaned it but I don't have the stuff to). Played perfectly on my DVD player with no skips.

Shipping within the US will be around $2

You can get insurance, just ask me. Although I've never had any problems with uninsured packages, I am not responsible if they get lost in the mail.

I accept Paypal. I will only take a money order if you have some sort of feedback. I've had bad experiences with people and money orders in the past, I'm sorry.

I have feedback on my personal journal, a_dropofcolour, and one on loligoth_dbs.

Thanks for looking!
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