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15 October 2007 @ 12:55 pm
Over 100 items for sale!  
I still have over 100 items for sale on my journal!
Items include.

*Anime dvd, VHS, merchandise.
*Manga. (English and Japanese)
*Jpop and Jrock cd's, and merchandise.
*Japanese fashion and idol magazines (Kera, Cutie, Junon)
*Sanrio, and other cute memo and stationary
*Japanese movies
and more!

Prices are set very low on all items! So please come and check it out!
I am willing to make deals on all anime and manga items, especially if you buy a lot!


If you have any friends who are interested in buying low priced anime and manga, please share this link with them!
Even if they/you don't have a live journal! I am happy to sell to anyone!