sabriel (_sabriel) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Prince of Tennis (Tenipuri) Shiny Clear Card Set 6 Sale

I bought 2 boxes of these, and these are the extras I'm selling. Ordinary cards are $1 each, the yutaka rare is $6. You can pay me in USD or Canadian dollars at par. I take paypal (bank transfers only), money order or well concealed cash (at YOUR risk). $3USD worldwide shipping.

If you have any other ones of the Yutaka rare cards or any other rare card from the Shiny Clear Card set, I'm interested in buying.

If you're interested in buying, leave your email address and what cards you want so I can send you an invoice. For example:
from set1 I want #6,7 and set2 #4,7, etc..

Pictures and details here.

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