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17 October 2007 @ 03:29 am

We've some brand new posters on sale on our journal, moochiees. All posters are sold in auction bid format^^~ Most of the posters are B2 size unless stated. Click the image for bigger preview. Auction will end on 1:00AM (October 20) Tokyo Standard Time +9:00GMT. For more information, please visit this page. Thank you so much.

Artist list:
* Jpop posters ( Arashi, Smap, Winds, Tackey&Tsubasa, Wat, DBSK, S2 501)
* Jrock Posters (Alice nine, Angelo, D'espair ray, Gackt, Glay, Janne da arc, L'arc en ciel, Nightmare, SADS, Kra, Kannivalism)

For direct links: Jpop Poster | Jrock Poster part 1 | Jrock Poster part 2

X-posted at several place. I'm so sorry if you see this post repeating on your friend's page^^~