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New stuff and re-lists


[English Manga] Get Backers vol. 1-8 ON HOLD
[GBA] Final Fantasy V Advance SOLD
[GBA] Final Fantasy VI Advance SOLD

All the GB manga has a minimal amount of shelf wear, but otherwise in great condition. Both FFV & VI are in near mint condition, and have all the original booklets and pamphlets that came with them and obviously the box.

I'd like $15.00 each for the FF games
, and would like to sell all the GB volumes as one big chunk, or as big as chunks as possible xD

The GB manga I'd like $6.00 a piece or $40.00 for all (that would equal to $5.00 a piece).

I'm all up for trades, but I'm pretty picky with what I'm trading for (I'll also do partial trades).

- Outlaw Star DVD's (any)
- Sailor Moon Graphic Novel #10 in English (a girl can dream)
- Legitimate release Trigun DVD's (any)
- Noein DVD's (preferably just vol. 1 as I'm not to experienced with this anime yet)
- We <3 Katamari
- You can suggest anything Sailor Moon oriented as long as it isn't the 'barbie' styled dolls (I just don't like those xD)
- Peach Girl Manga vol. 2 and up
- Samurai Deeper Kyo manga vol. 2 and up
- Cute things (Sanrio and San-x, etc....), not really stationary or anything like that, but pens, cute little erasers, cell phone straps, etc.....
- Shitajiki/Pencil boards (preferably of Sailor Moon/Chobits/or any that's really girly and pretty looking xD)

And I still have some manga and anime listed at my sales journal here.

Annnnnnnnnnnd~ I also have Fable: The Lost Chapters for the PC up and a Dell 20 gig MP3 player for $60.00

All of which I am more than willing to accept trades for if they fall under those trading categories *points up* Except the Fable PC game because it is not mine, I am selling it for my brother and will only accept monies for that ^^;
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