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17 October 2007 @ 09:55 pm
FS: Sailor Moon HGIF gashapon Series #1-5; trading cards  

Hi; I'm selling nearly every figure from the Sailor Moon HGIF gashapon sets, vol. #1-5.  They are all originals, not knockoffs.  

I'm also selling Sailor Moon cards  -  sets, prisms, and individual regs  -  from Carddass 9 (the end of S, a little SuperS), Carddass 10 (SuperS), and the SuperS Private/Battle.  All cards were taken directly from the box, put in plastic sleeves, and are in excellent condition.  

Everything is available here.

I also have a few other things  -  Yoshitaka Amano trading cards, binsen/doujinshi stationery from Final Fantasy, Green Glass, and other series, Coke promo trading figures, Super Mario DotGraphics Pepsi figures, and others  -  in my selling journal.