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J Music Sale~

Going to Japan soon and would like to make a little extra money ^^; Living there is expensive!

Artists featured in this sale:
+ Janne Da Arc
+ L'Arc~en~ciel
+ TM Revolution
+ Gackt
+ Dir en grey

Things for sale:
+ CDs
+ Mini-CDs
+ Magazines


Janne Da Arc - Arcadia

Track List:
1. Acid Breath
2. Romance
3. Heavy Damage
4. Dolls
5. trap
6. Kokoro no yukue
7. Athens
8. Freedom
9. Wizard
10. Process
11. Black Jack
12. Carnation
13. Kiss Me

Janne Da Arc - Singles

Track List : (Disc 1)
1. Red Zone
2. Lunatic Gate
3. Eden ~ kimi ga inai
4. Heaven's Place (Single Edit from D.N.A)
5. Will ~chizu ni nai basho
6. Mysterious
7. Dry?
8. Neo Venus
9. seed
10. Sylvia
11. feel the wind
12. Shining ray
13. Maria no tsumeato
14. Kasumi yuku sora se ni shite
15. Rainy ~ Ai no shirabe (Single Version)

Track List: (Disc 2)
1. Ueta Taiyou (Singles Mix)
2. Legend of (Bonus track)

L'Arc~en~ciel - Awake (US version)

Track List:
1. New World
2. Lost Heaven
3. Poem ~ Jojoushi
4. Trust
5. Killing Me
6. As One
7. My Dear
8. Existence
9. Invitation to Freedom ~ Jiyuu e no shoutai
10. Ophelia
11. Stars ~ Hoshizora
12. twinkle, twinkle
13. Heaven's Drive (Live at Yoyogi National stadium June 26, 2004 -- US only bonus track)

Mini CDs

TM Revolution - Burnin' Xmas

TM Revolution - Hot Limit

TM Revolution - Wild Rush


Arena 37 - June 2004

Cover Artist: Gackt
Also featured: TM Revolution, 175R, Miyavi, 3b LAB, Psycho le cemu, GLAY, The Alfee
*no poster, sorry!*

Arena 37 - May 2003

Cover Artist: Dir en grey
Also featured: GLAY, Flame, Lead, baroque, Rag Fair, PaniCrew
*no poster, sorry!*

PatiPati - June 2004 (20th Anniversary year)

Cover Artist: Gackt
Also featured: Orange Range, GLAY, Gospellers, Chemistry, EXILE, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, 175R
*no poster, sorry!*

Please make me an offer if you're interested! Thanks so much for looking!
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