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Looking for Klaha Items

One of my best friends is a serious Klaha fan. She especially loves "Scape ~With Transparent Wings~" from his Nostal Lab CD. Unfortunately, I haven't found anyone selling a copy, cdjapan lists it as out-of-print, and while it's on the Japanese branch of still for sale, I do not know Japanese nor do I know anyone who can order it for me.

I'm mainly looking to buy a nice (does not need to be mint) copy of Nostal Lab. If I can't find someone selling a copy of it, I'd also be willing to buy Märchen, Setsubou, or Klaha eye candy (posters, cards, etc), for a reasonable price, of course. Or if anyone who can speak Japanese or has a Japanese Amazon account would be willing to buy Nostal Lab for me, I'd be happy to cover the charges for it and give them extra for their trouble. On second thought, I did not realize that it would be 2000 yen just for shipping (and I thought cdjapan's rates were high). Thanks for any help!
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