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18 October 2007 @ 05:09 pm
Jrock stuff for sale! Now with picture goodness!

Please contact me by e-mail! eightbitbravo@gmail.com

Payment Terms: Paypal only, please. Payment by Credit Card will result in small extra charges (1.50 per 10 dollars USD) to cover what it costs me to accept them.

All shipping costs are quote to cover postage, handling and the purchase of packing materials to ensure your item arrives safely.

Will combine shipping on all items! Just ask if you buy more then one. :)


Illuminati Single (8cm mini disc)-- 20.00 USD 4.00 Shipping Worldwide
Paper cover cd single of Malice Mizer's "Illuminati". I bought this used in terrific shape and have never played it. It comes with a plastic sleeve to protect it so the card paper that makes up the case has always been protected.

Pardon the slightly blurry first image, the whole thing is metallic and hard to take pictures of:

Memoire Album Deluxe edition-- 20.00 USD 8.00 Shipping Worldwide
I have never played this album and only opened the case a few times to look at the enclosed phtoobook. Everything is in perfect shape. Comes with plastic sleeve to protect it.



Frontiers album Regular Edition-- 15.00 USD 6.00 Shipping Worldwide

This album has only been played a couple of times. It has been opened, no longer has it's title strip but still has the included sticker. Great shape!



"Matin" Mana Mug-- 15.00 USD 9.00 Shipping Worldwide

Mug has never been used for drinking, I had it out for display only.


I also still have 4 issues of Gothic Lolita Bible for sale, all issues 10.00 each but shipping is 15.00 each Worldwide. (I'm really sorry but it's astronomically expensive to ship them)

I will make a deal with shipping if you buy more then one but it won't be more then a couple dollars. (Sorry again!)

Issues: 3,5,7,10

All issues still have the attached clothing patterns but posters and stickers in most cases have been removed or used to some degree.
css_salescss_sales on October 18th, 2007 10:33 pm (UTC)
Where are you located?
eightbitbravo on October 18th, 2007 10:48 pm (UTC)
I'm in Canada. :) If you're in Canada I can adjust shipping prices accordingly since domestic is much cheaper. (But I hardly ever run into Canadians so I just do that as it happens!)
mikazukimikazuki_chan on November 8th, 2007 07:56 pm (UTC)
are you still selling Malice Mizer's Memoire album? if so, i'd be interested in buying it from you ^.^ i also live in Canada, so i don't know how much shipping price will change...

anyway, here's my email: sun_princess71@yahoo.ca

i'd be paying by non-cc paypal (as soon as i both know the final amount and have the money transfered into my account ^.^)

hope to hear from you soon!