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Hello to all. I'm trying to earn a little money for birthday presents, so I'm trying to sell a few issues of Hana To Yume and other phonebook mangas. Most of these are in excellent condition, unless noted. And because these are quite heavy in weight, the price for shipping varies.  I can only accept concealed cash, sorry.  Images will be provided if asked.

Hana to Yume:

1/1/07 ISSUE #1 --- Gakuen Alice cover, there's a chapter of SB! inside it. ------ $6

1/20//07  ISSUE #3 --- Skip Beat! cover (Ren/Kyoko in winter clothing) ----- $6

9/25/07 SPECIAL --- This one's really fat, but the cover is ultra glossy, kind of reminds you of Animage (the magazine's) covering. W Juliet II is on the cover.  ------ $8


9/07 --- Lovely Complex cover (This is the issue that came with the last Chapter of Lovely Complex, though the chapter itself is not included). ------ $5


4/2005 --- Old Issue that still has Trinity Blood, Kyou Kara Maou, Battery, etc.  -----$3 

I also have a couple of old issues of Anime Insider, Beckett Anime-Collector, and Shounen Jump Issues that I'm dying to get rid of. They're free to those who are willing to pay for shipping. 
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