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most of the games i'm selling (DS, SNES) are also listed on saladstore (they also have manga and anime related items), but on my personal journal i have some things for sale which are relevant to this community:

*naruto 2-5 japanese (bought in japanese daiei) (still have covers)
*naruto 6-12 english

anime expo 2007 june 29-july 2 magazine, signed by some fatass naruto voice actor named mary
anime inside magazine 46 july - beck's koyuki cover (from anime expo 2007)
first volume of the viz pokemon manga
large astro boy figurine (arm cannon, lights, etc) (9 dollars?)
naruto: three sound ninja figurines (ask for photos of other two)
vegeta saga i: dragonball z: saiyan showdown dvd (first 3 eps, japanese dialogue, extras)
*slightly hesitant about selling naruto series. anyone interested?

no photos, but will be posted immediately upon request. i keep my things in good condition, don't worry.
no feedback post yet. MAKE OFFERS. i'll be cheap with this stuff.

summary of items not relevant to garagesalejapan:
lots of games (DS, GBA, SNES, N64, PSX, PS2, GCN, PC)
onyx nintendo gamecube, broken black 2gb ipod nano, red creative nomad 128mb mp3 player
lord of the rings trilogy book, and quite a bit more
Tags: anime, manga: english, manga: japanese, toys, video games

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