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Clearing out my Manga!

Hi! I still have my auctions on eBay for all kinds of manga! The last days are approaching fast^^ Please bid and take these off my hands! FREE SHIPPING TO US CUSTOMERS! 
If you are looking for:

Chobits Manga 1-8 Complete Set by CLAMP
Ragnarok Manga 1-10 Complete Set by Myung-Jin Lee
XXX Holic Manga 1-4 by CLAMP
Mouryou Kiden 1 by Tamayo Akiyama
Trigun 1-2 manga by Yasuhiro Nightow
Paradise Kiss 1-5 by Ai Yazawa
Sgt Frog 1-2 by Mine Yoshizaki
Shaolin Sisters 1-3 by Narumi Kakinouchi
Tsubasa 1&2 by CLAMP
Until the Full Moon 1&2 Complete Set by Sanami Matoh
Wish Manga 1-4 Complete Set by CLAMP
Shirihime Syo Hardback by CLAMP
Doll volume 1 Hardback by Mitsukaza Mihara
Blade of the Immortal 1-5 & 14 by Hiroaki Samura
Petshop of Horrors 1-6 by Akino Matsuri
Mermaid Saga 1-4 by Rumiko Takahashi
Immortal Rain 6 by Kaori Ozaki
D&D Manual of the Planes & Dungeon Master's Guide
Final Fantasy X-2: Theme - Game Music (CD 2003) [IMPORTED]

Please go here:

Thank you for looking!! I really appreiciate it!

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