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22 October 2007 @ 10:14 pm
selling: Posters, more posters, flyers, CDs, notepaper!  
Hi! I've added more stuff to my sales post.

Official B2 poster auction (ending in two days!)
Arc, Duel Jewel, Kagrra, Kra, Miyavi, MUCC, Phantasmagoria, Plastic Tree, SID, Vidoll

Magazine posters
AcQuA EP, AnCafe, Kagrra, Keita Tachibana, Kimeru, LM.C, Nightmare, Oikawa Mitsuhiru, Plastic Tree, PUREboys (stickers), RAG FAIR, Ryuichi Kawamura, Takahashi Naozumi, UVERworld

GLAY - One Love, Karen - Actually, La'cryma Christi - Jounetsu no Kaze, Phantasmagoria - NEVER REBELLION

... too many to be listed!

Plus a small variety of cute Japanese character notepaper. (New items: new/unused entire pads of Rilakkuma notepaper!)

Please take a look if you're interested, thank you!

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