Katherine Pryde Snape (kurtskitten) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Katherine Pryde Snape

Shop Re-Opened!!

I've been having some problems with my sales recently, primarily because I don't have internet access most of the time. I think I may have overlooked a/some order/s so I'd really appreciate it if anyone I'm dealing with but has been left hanging would comment here to make sure that I haven't lost their e-mail or overlooked a comment. I'll contact everyone that I have noted, but I may miss someone, so please don't let it be you.

I'm also suspending future sales until I get caught up with current orders and can get my internet situation resolved and/or finish unpacking my moving boxes so I can reliably find items offered in my shop.

As far as my records go, I need to conclude business with:

Inu-Yasha Pen
Rau figure
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