seerakosumosu (seerakosumosu) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Advice needed

So I ordered items from a proxy in Japan in July.

I ordered two items which cost 12,600 yen each. Total for the two items -> 12,600 yen x 2 + misc. fees (including Paypal fees) were 30,000 yen. At the time the rate was around $1 = 122 yen so I paid $245 in July. Plus I will need to pay for shipping from Japan to me and pay her proxy fees in December.

Now the proxy is telling me that she is trying to transfer Paypal funds to her bank account and the rate is at 112 yen. I don't know which rate Paypal is using or if it changed that much in a few hours but right now at it says the rate is $1 = 115.

So now she wants me to pay her an additional $22 to make up the difference. I told her that I don't think it is my fault and don't feel that I should pay extra money and advised her to try to wait until the exchange rate increases in favor of the dollar for her to transfer the money to her bank account but I'm not sure if she has already initiated withdrawal of the funds.

The items that were ordered are limited items that were put on reserve and which don't come out until December. So I can't cancel the order and I can't ask for a refund. Even if she was willing to give a refund I would be losing money.

What should I do?

And please do check out my journal for anime/manga/yaoi goods. xD
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