Aya (_midnight_blue) wrote in garagesalejapan,

[For Sale] FFX-2 Yuna Wig

Hi everyone,

Pictures of the Wig, courtesy of my AnimeTraders.com ad.

Applesugar (http://www.pegasusmaiden.com) made me this wonderful wig for my Yuna costume, but I have since lost interest in the project.

I have worn it once just to try it on, and have never worn it since. It does not come with the long ponytail. I'm not sure what material this wig is made out of, but the quality is quite good.

I'm willing to sell this for $25 (or best offer), plus shipping.
I only ship within the US.

With that said, please comment with your zipcode so I can calculate shipping. I'll be using USPS Priority Mail.

I strongly prefer PayPal users. If you can't pay this way, then I can make arrangements with you. Just know that I will not ship this wig until I have received payment.

Also, if you do purchase it, please make sure you credit Applesugar for the wig. Seriously, please credit her because she's totally awesome. =)

Thanks for your consideration!
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Tags: fashion: cosplay
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